This article contains release notes detailing relevant fixes and updates.

These are ordered chronologically, with the most recent fixes appearing first.

Release: 2021-11-2ca39952

  • FEAT: If users have new document rights to a folder, they will need to click into the folder in the create area to access the templates in a folder. If they have onboard rights to a folder, they will need to click into the folder in the templates area to view the templates in the folder. Templates in folders will no longer appear in the main list of templates and will need to be accessed through the folder.

Release: 2021-11-20-1e63c59

  • FIX: docx files preserve tab marks after footnotes.

  • FIX: only templates that have been published will be listed on the create related document workflow.

  • FEAT: organisation support users can now, by default, see only their own generated documents. In general settings for support users, you can choose to change this to allow them to view all generated documents in the organisation.

  • FIX: ensures correct indents for bulleted lists.

  • FIX: indented table widths are now retained after export.

Release: 2021-11-03-9ef97e4

  • FEATURE: If users forget their password, they receive a different token every time they reset.

  • FEATURE: You can limit which system emails are sent to different parties on a template level.

Release: 2021-10-25-9a106d7

  • FIX: Special characters in footnotes are now recognised and maintained after import.

  • FEATURE: Single sign on with Google is now available! Organisation support users can choose to display this option for their users from the whitelabel settings for their organisation

Release: 2021-10-20-786b83c

  • FEATURE: You can now toggle the condition builder in the template editor between simple and complex mode, meaning it’s easy to work with operations directly in the template! Please see the update article here

  • FEATURE: Documents can be forced into the completed folder from the out for signature state if they are currently pending signature with Adobe Sign or DocuSign. This makes those documents uneditable.

  • FEATURE: stricter application of style hierarchies in the editor prevents styles from colliding with default styles, helping you retain your chosen styles across the document.

  • FIX: Indentations on paragraphs are now fixed after export. The document should now retain the same indentation on lists, as it does in the original document.

  • FEATURE: Introducing a new operation called format number with precision, which will allow you to ensure that when rounding a number the 0’s are maintained as well.

  • FEATURE: You can now create operations that will create an autolist between each iteration of a loop.

Release: 2021-10-15-6657eb5

  • FIX: The approval sidebar is only visible to relevant approvers.

  • FEATURE: Option for users of related documents to change values across all related documents, or only in the current document.

  • FEATURE: Users can now filter available templates by template name via the API.

  • FIX: Users will be unable to press the ‘done’ button on the questionnaire until the answers have saved.

Release: 2021-10-11-2ddf7d9

  • FIX: There is no longer a button preventing agreements from being signed as soon as the questionnaire has been filled in.

  • FEATURE: Versioning filters have been added to templates.

Release: 2021-10-07-39e689a

  • FIX: Manager/Support accounts will no longer experience issues accessing documents that they have not been added into if it's an Adobe Sign or DocuSign template

Release: 2021-10-06-2a12e7a

  • FIX: Non-author users should now experience no issues sending a document for signature

  • FIX: Documents with mixed loops, conditions and attributes had issues on document creation

  • FEATURE: Expanded functionality of borders in docx to match Microsoft Word / CSS borders on export

Release: 2021-10-04-9490fef1

  • FIX: Bullet house style now exporting with the correct margin positioning.

  • FEATURE: Template onboarder updates - you can now globally edit conditions and numbering, amongst other new features! More here

  • FEATURE: Document editor updates - you’ll now assign tasks via dropdown, and tasks assigned to you will be highlighted in orange. Read all about it here

  • FEATURE: Organisation support users can configure the SSO settings to display a link to sign in with SSO from the login page

Release: 2021-09-27-ef7cbc2

  • FIX: Issue where after API document generation incorrect conditions were displayed.

  • FIX: Improved numbering pattern for cross-references

  • FEATURE: Add an advanced template setting to manually override the need for both parties to hit accept and sign to move to "ready to sign" state, only applicable for Adobe Sign and DocuSign templates.

Release: 2021-09-17-29bd91bc

  • FIX​​: Only show active published templates to users when creating related documents

  • FIX: Issues with saving templates resolved

Release: 2021-09-09-ff084a9

  • FIX: Table width not importing / downloading correctly in a dual-column document; now is preserved upon download

Release: 2021-09-09-5fea3f11

  • FEATURE: New feature at a template level to replace styles on existing templates with styles from newly imported docx

  • FEATURE: Admins can now create and share custom analytics searches with other users on the same profiles

Release: 2021-09-05-493a5f0

Release: 2021-09-02-e26e47d7

  • FIX: show markdown in document questionnaire

  • FEATURE: hide ‘Next’ in document questionnaire while visibility conditions are still resolving

  • FEATURE: automatically hide docx import for trial organisations

Release: 2021-09-01-c9505c8f

  • FIX: allows multiple underscores in a numbered pattern in a docx export

  • FIX: fixed incorrect recalculation of all conditions when only set should have been done

Release: 2021-08-30-88d6465c

  • FIX: Enhancing database queries where support users are on multiple profiles

  • FEATURE: Computation of questionnaire moved from client to backend (Node) - optimised for larger templates

  • FEATURE: new loading screens throughout the application

Release: 2021-08-13-c84afca

  • FIX: Conditional logic displaying for Live Demo exports for both Docx & PDF

  • FEATURE: You can specify different headers and footers for first page exports in the conditional headers & footers area

Release: 2021-08-12-1c71be1

  • FIX: docx export no longer flips table width in landscape mode

Release: 2021-08-11-1c71be1f

  • FIX: documents with a continuous section break no longer bleed into the side of the page

Release: 2021-08-10-a6b754c

  • FEATURE: Template level advanced setting to select whether to send users to the questionnaire or the editor when they first visit the template. By default existing templates will still send users to the editor, new templates will send users to the questionnaire.

  • FIX: Fixed numbering style in docx imports to ignore underlines.

  • FEATURE: Enhanced right-to-left support.

Release: 2021-08-09-636b19e

  • FEATURE: Template level setting to turn off system-level emails, or select specific system-level emails for improved counterparty experience

Release: 2021-08-06-a0da28e7

  • FIX: Heatmaps loading issues resolved.

  • FIX: Comment button in the negotiation editor no longer unresponsive.

  • FEATURE: Comment and Questionnaire rights users with Controller access will no longer see ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ buttons under track changes.

Release: 2021-08-05-f7a96bc

  • FEATURE: Shift + Enter to create soft returns now supported in Editor

  • FEATURE: Docx sections can now be wrapped in block conditions

  • FEATURE: Can limit which system emails are sent to users of specific templates

  • FIX: Some templates had an inaccessible notes tab

  • FIX: Couldn’t delete page-breaks in Template editor

  • FIX: Filling a table cell with a background colour caused page to reload

  • FIX: Backspacing at the start of a word caused the cursor to jump one character along

  • FIX: Undo button wasn’t working for some documents

  • FEATURE: Copy and paste from external sources stability

  • FEATURE: Tables can be copy and pasted from external sources

  • FIX: Dynamic update of autolist separators wasn’t taking into account penultimate separator

  • FIX: Fixed infinity loading on negotiation tab

  • FEATURE: Error scan now shows where an inline condition is across the whole line

  • FIX: Navigation bar on registrations / edit page no longer missing

  • FIX: Excel import of radio buttons no longer imports the label instead of value into generated document

Release 2021.07.28-7b63a1ab

  • FIX: Fixed the saving time for questionnaire entries to improve document questionnaire speed

Release: 2021.07.27-d54eb3f0

  • FIX: Templates sorted by last updated

Release: 2021.07.26-cfdea718

  • FEATURE: Webhook payload added to the API. Payload_id is now support in the Webhooks playload

Release: 2021.07.23-ea872d68

  • FIX: Admins can force documents to signed state if signature rights are changed during the signing process and all participants with sign rights have signed

Release: 2021.07.22-d7e56947

  • FEATURE: Operations and placeholders with the same name will be displayed in Scan errors

  • FEATURE: Sum operation is now capitable with looped attributes (attribute as array)

  • FIX: Docx import precision for styles is now to 0.01

  • FIX: Typo in document created email fixed to display users Full Name instead of Display Name

Release: 2021.07.21-5607c9c3

  • FEATURE: Reset button added for Select question types

  • FIX: Emails added via open select in an approval workflow are now displayed at the top instead of bottom of the list

  • FEATURE: Looped table rows with block conditions that are dependent on non-iterated attributes are now supported

  • FEATURE: Nested default values according to visibility conditions

  • FIX: Saved answers used in questionnaire for Date, Tickbox and Radio Button question types weren't displaying

Release: 2021.07.20-9054d2d3

  • FEATURE: A message saying 'copied link' will display when a user selects the paperclip in the document editor

  • FIX: Markdown syntax is now stripped from the questionnaire table of contents

  • FEATURE: Pseudo-bullet points supported in docx footers

  • FIX: Linebreaks are now maintained on export in Word documents

Release: 2021.07.18-e4bbde42

  • FEATURE: System level templates

Release: 2021.07.16-88687a06

  • FIX: Remove all non-existent styles from a document

Release: 2021.07.14-b27342a1

  • FEATURE: Now prompted when opening an exported Docx to update the fields (including TOC)

  • FEATURE: Docx sections supported

Release: 2021.07.13-00696a052

  • FEATURE: Docx content controlled items maintain the values they were uploaded with

  • FEATURE: Documents exported to iManage Work will also save a txt version of the Activity Log with them for audit purposes

  • FIX: Unconfirmed users will not be re-directed to the SSO login if their organisation uses SSO

Release: 2021.07.09-c497f09b

  • FIX: Pre-population of the document questionnaire now shows to all users (not just doc author)

Release: 2021.07.07-0c25ac09

  • FEATURE: New API released

  • FEATURE: Updated loops: this includes support for linked loops, merged question sets, counting loops, and more

Release: 2021.07.03-9abc1147

  • FEATURE: Docx bookmarks maintained on import and export

Release: 2021.06.30-f38bce6b

  • FIX: Organisation support users won't have a profile automatically created

  • FEATURE: Currency question type now supports float values

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