To create an instance where something may repeat multiple times, for example when asking for the details of several sellers in an NDA Buyout agreement, highlight the text you wish to generate a loop for and click the icon shown in the image below. This will enable a user answering the questionnaire to add on the details of multiple employees as shown in the below image.

When you add a loop from the Automation tab, you can choose to name the loop and add a label to it in the sidebar.

  • Name: What the loop will be called as you work with it in the template.

  • Label: What the loop is called in the questionnaire for end users.

Master loop: If you are looking to link loops together, you can select a master loop here. This will be covered in the next section.

In the template questionnaire, you can then update two new items in relation to looped questions.

  • Loop Controller: This will become relevant when you have linked loops, described in the next section.

  • “Add another to Loop 1”: You can alter the text here (Which will be default be “Add another to {Loop Name}”) to what you would like to display on the looped button in the questionnaire.

For more information on loops

  • Learn how to link loops here

  • Learn how to count the number of times an item is looped here

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