Rather than having a whole section looped, with the new content displaying on a new line, you might wish to have your responses displayed in one single line.

In order to do so, you will need to create the following operation. This is a Join operation with two arguments:

  • Attribute as Array: This will include the name of your attribute that corresponds to the looped question in the questionnaire, the attribute that you select should already be wrapped in a loop in the document itself.

  • Text: These are the separators that you want between each looped response. So in this example if you want to display your answers as “Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3” you should use “, “ as the separator, including the space after the comma.

You can then insert the operation directly into the template itself using the “Quick Operation” button in the Automation tab, or choose to use the answers in another way.

Example of how your content will appear when placed directly in the template. Note that if you do not want the original attribute to display in the template body itself, you can hide the original loop in a condition with a phantom attribute (one that will never display in the questionnaire).

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