What is the automatic document name function?

The automatic document name function allows users to dynamically name the document using the extracted value from a Placeholder. For example, using the output of “Employee Name” Placeholder to name a document like an Employment Contract. E.g. Jane Smith - Employment Contract.

Where can I find this function?

You can do this in the advanced settings area in your template, from the side-bar on the left hand side of the page. The icon will look like this:

What should I do now?

  1. To trigger the display of the available placeholders, insert a “~” icon into the text field and a list will display the available options.

You can scroll through this list to select the attribute you wish to insert into the title. In the text box provided, you must also set a default value that will be displayed, such as: “Employee X”

Click ‘ok’ and the field will display this:

Be sure not to edit in between the {}. If you do wish to add more to the title you can do so by putting text on either side of the {} like so:

Why do some attributes have a spanner icon next to them?

There are user generated attributes and system generated attributes available. User generated attributes are ones that you might typically answer via the questionnaire,such as: Employer Name, Employee Name, Job Title etc. Whereas system generated attributes include: document ID, User ID, Template ID etc. Feel free to mix and match these attribute types to title your document!

You can also add dynamic placeholders in your questionnaire. To know how check out this article

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