You can link loops together so that when you press the button to add another iteration to your loop in the questionnaire, it will also increase the amount of iterations for the separate loop in a different part of the questionnaire.

Once you have more than one loop in your template, you can select the master loop which the loop will be linked to. (Note that you can link multiple loops to one master loop.)

When you have linked a loop to another one, you will see in the sidebar when you click on the original loop that it now says “This is a master loop”.

In the document questionnaire you will be able to see which looped questions are linked together in the top right corner.

From within the template questionnaire, you will need to select which loop is the loop controller. This will be the question that the custom “Add another” button sits on within the questionnaire.

For example if I select my first question as the loop controller in the template questionnaire;

When the end user is answering the questionnaire, the button that controls the amount of iterations of the loop will be displayed at the bottom of that question card.

If placeholders are included in the same loop in the template itself, they’ll automatically be grouped together in the questionnaire for the end user, with the light blue box appearing around the entire group of questions.

By default, linked loops will not automatically appear together in the questionnaire and instead will appear as in this example:

If you would like them to be merged together, from the sidebar in the Template editor for the master loop, you should select the “Merge questions” toggle.

Your questions would then display like this in the questionnaire (note that the control button would appear at the bottom of the group of merged questions):

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