The first step is selecting the enrollment trigger, by pressing the “Set enrollment trigger” button. Triggers happen either when a criteria from the questionnaire is met or where the document state has changed.



Questionnaire Trigger

When a certain condition is met based on input in the questionnaire (i.e. VALUE = £100,000)

Document Created

When the document state is ‘Document Created’

Questionnaire submitted

When the document state is ‘Questionnaire Submitted’

Document is being edited by a Party

When the document state is ‘Locked’ (as a party is currently editing)

Document sent and unlocked

When the document state is ‘Unlocked’ (as one party has previously sent the document to the other)

Document ready to send

When the document triggers the ‘Ready to Send’ state. This happens internally when the ‘send document’ button is pressed.

Document is ready to sign

When the document state is ‘Ready to Sign’

Document out for signature

When the document state is ‘Out for External Signature’ (with AdobeSign or DocuSign)

Document is partially signed

When the document state is ‘Partially Signed’ (with Avvoka Sign)

Document is signed

When the document state is ‘Signed’

Document is completed

When the document state is ‘Completed’

Learn more about creating joint workflow triggers here.


After selecting the required Trigger you can then select the following Action(s).



Add/Remove Document Label(s)

Add and/or remove customised document label(s)

Add Participant

Add a new participant or existing participant to the document.

Add Approver

You can:

  • Block the document from being sent to the counterparty,

  • block e-signature,

  • or block the document from being downloaded

until approved by the participant that has been added.

Send Document

Send the document to a specific person(s) in either docx or PDF format.

Created a Related Document

Create a related document from a different template.

You can add multiple actions to stem from one trigger by pressing the ‘+’ button again.

You can learn how to add new Participants and Approvers to a Workflow here.

Action Settings

For all actions, you can choose to deactivate the workflow where the trigger is no longer present. This may apply where, for example, the document has been created and therefore the ‘Document Created’ trigger will not happen again.

You can also select whether the document should be re-enrolled in the workflow where the trigger is met again. This may happen where the trigger is ‘Document Unlocked’ and the document proceeds to a state of unlocked again.

Ensure that you press ‘Save’ to retain the Workflow after it is created.

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