You can now save default document user rights at a profile level. This means that where one user has 'questionnaire-only' rights and another user has 'edit' rights, the document will automatically react differently according to who initiates the document.

1. Go to the profile settings under the settings tab and select the relevant rights under Document Rights for any existing or new users. Once you are done editing the rights, click the ‘Save users’ button.

2. Click on the 'TEMPLATES' page and select the template that you would like to use the default document user rights for.

3. When you scroll down to 'Parties and representative details', click on Advanced settings. By ticking the 'Follow user profiles' rights' box, users that are then added to Party A will have the document rights that you previously assigned at the profile-level.

If you do not select the 'Follow user profiles' rights', that means that the template rights will be preferred, i.e. the rights as indicated by the icons next to 'Representative'. Hence, if you have multiple parties in your template, please ensure you follow step 3 for each of the party you wish to tick 'Follow user profiles' rights' for.

Once you are done, update the template.

4. You can then generate a document from the template and add a user with default document rights to a party that you have ticked ‘Follow user profiles’ rights’ for.

Once the user is successfully added, click on 'add user' again to view the rights that the newly added user has. These rights should correspond to their default document rights.

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