During the course of a negotiation on Avvoka, you may want to add comments to certain sections of text to highlight them to your team, or to the Counterparty. You can also choose to assign tasks or mention specific users.

You can achieve this by using the two types of comments that are available to users: Internal and External comments.

What are 'Internal' and 'External' comments?

As a rule, all comments on Avvoka default to Internal, meaning that Only your side of the negotiation will be able to see them. When the document is eventually published, Internal comments are invisible to the Counterparty.

If you'd like the Counterparty to see your commentary, and reply to it in a thread, you will need to make your comment External. You can do this by clicking the eye button after you've written your comment. This means that when the document is sent to the Counterparty, they will be able to see the comments that you've left for them.

What are 'Tasks' and 'Mentions' in comments?

You can mention someone in a comment to draw their attention to the specific section by typing the "@" symbol and their name or email. However, if you would like them to complete a specific task you can assign the task to them by selecting the field on the comment after you mention them. They will then be able to mark this task as completed.

They will then be able to filter by mentions and mark tasks as completed after they have been assigned to them. You can also mark these as internal or external.

What does this look like in practice?

Hint: Make sure you enable your audio so you can hear our voiceover explanation!

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