Live Demo 

Avvoka has a “Live Demo” feature which allows users to see both the conditional logic in a template and how the document will be filled upon the answering of questions in the questionnaire. These features can be accessed by clicking on “Live Demo” in the Template settings (it's on the sidebar).

As the image below demonstrates, clicking on the “Show condition logic” field within the “Live Demo” will get you a detailed view of the template’s conditional logic. In other words, you can see under what conditions certain clauses drop in or out of the document. For instance, in the second image, we can see that Clause 1 will drop into the document if “Product=Shoes”.

Further, by clicking “Show Questionnaire” in the “Live Demo” area, users are also able to see how the document will be populated when certain questions are answered. This can work alongside the “show condition logic feature” or independently.

As the second image demonstrates, this feature allows you to see the questionnaire and the document side-by-side. The fields which are activated by the answer to a question will appear as green, whereas the ones which are not will remain grey. The Placeholders which are populated by answers will appear yellow.

In the Live Demo, users are also able to save their answers to the test questionnaire and download it as a Microsoft Word document. In addition, users can download the automated document with its underlying conditions as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

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