At the top of the “View document” screen you will see the following functions (from left to right):




Returns the user to the questionnaire, where amendments can be made (and shown in track-changes)


Downloads a Docx or PDF of the document

Create a related document

Allows the user to create another document, based on a different Template, but will transfer any shared values from the current document into a new document

E.g. Taking the values from a Confidentiality Undertaking and copying them into a Term Sheet Template


Creates a duplicate of the document

Enable reminders

Enables email reminders of any outstanding actions to those that have been added to the document. These are sent automatically every 3 days

Send document

Prompts the user to add the email address of the counterparty that the document is sent to

Accept and sign

Routes the user through the e-signature process for documents that have e-signing enabled from the Template settings phase. The document will become an execution version once all Representatives click “Proceed to signature”

All these functions are also accessible from the “My documents” tab in the application.

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