Understanding users

Individual Users on the system are identified by their email address and are assigned to a Profile by a Profile (or Organisation) administrator. 

Users can amend their own information (e.g. name, email address etc.) from the “Account” tab of the application. Additional settings like the regularity of system emails can also be configured from this Account tab.

Each User assigned to a Profile is assigned an access right when added to the system by the relevant administrator. An explanation of each of the access rights is set out in the table below.



Example User


The user is able to create and edit Templates and create new documents from those Templates

A director who has full scope to vary the Templates

New document

The user is able to create new documents from Templates only

A sales agent who enters into standard form agreements


The user is only able to view documents saved on that Profile

An auditor reviewing company legal documents

Profile administrators can vary user access rights from the “Edit Profile” page of the Account tab.

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