To share the document or agreement as a link, you will have to follow the steps below: 

  1. Before you are able to send a link to someone, please make sure that you have sent the document to the person who will be receiving the link, or that they have been added to the document, as each link is unique

  2. Click the 'paperclip' icon in the 'Parties' bar on the left hand side of the document. Please make sure you have copied the paperclip next to your name, or the paperclip of the person you mean to send it to. This ensures that they are sent their own personalised link to the document

  3. Once you click the 'paperclip' icon (as shown below), the link to the document will have been automatically copied to your clipboard, so you will be able to paste it wherever you would like (e.g. email, etc.)

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