In Avvoka you can change the Default style. All new paragraphs will follow this Default style. This article will explain the effect that changing the default style will have on your template.

Let's consider the following example. We have a template, where the Normal style is the Default. We also have a paragraph that we will demonstrate on. (Note that the Default style is indicated with the star on the right).

Now let's change our default style in Styles tab to Heading 6 by clicking the star next to the style. Notice that in the template body the paragraph now displays as Heading 6.

Now what will happen when we change the default style again to, let's say, Heading 3?

There are two "logical" possibilities:

a) Our paragraph will go back to Normal
b) Our paragraph will follow the default and become Heading 3

The answer is Option B, that the paragraph is now not considered as Normal but as a Default, so when we change the Default again, our original paragraph will follow that and become Heading 3 (instead of falling back to Normal).

In future versions of the platform, this feature will offer you a choice between the two options mentioned above.

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