What are dynamic placeholders?

Dynamic placeholders allow you to insert attributes that already exist in the question text. For example, an Employment Contract may have an initial question asking for the name of the employer and you may want this name to appear in subsequent questions referencing the agreement.

How do I add dynamic placeholders?

  1. To do this, open the questionnaire from the side-bar on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Type “~” icon into the text bar replacing the “employer name” (in this example) and this will bring up a menu for you to select the relevant attribute from.

  3. In the default value field, enter a value that appears in place of this attribute in the question text until the relevant question has been answered. For example “Employer X”. Then click “ok”. Your question will now look like this:

Why do some attributes have a spanner icon next to them?

There are user generated attributes and system generated attributes available. User generated attributes are ones that you might typically answer via the questionnaire,such as: Employer Name, Employee Name, Job Title etc. Whereas system generated attributes include: document ID, User ID, Template ID etc. You can also add these to your questions.

You can also automate the name of a document and dynamically name the document using the extracted value from a Placeholder, see this article to learn more.

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