The newest version of Avvoka includes a number of feature changes that will improve the way that you work on documents. This article will briefly explain what is new in regards to Comments, Track Changes, and Editing the Document.

You can read more in-depth about each feature, as well as watch how-to videos, here:

You can also read our blog with our favourite improvements here.


Similar to the previous editor of Avvoka, you can add a comment by highlighting a specific piece of text in the document. However, now the comments are displayed differently in the right-hand sidebar.

You will notice that an entire paragraph is highlighted when a comment is attached to a specific piece of text in that paragraph or clause. To be able to see the content of the comment you can click in to the comment and see the specific text highlighted in yellow.

You can mark comments as external now by pressing the 'eye' button which you will see below. This will have a cross through it if the comment is internal.

You can now also filter by tasks and mentions, as well as internal and external comments, making it much easier to keep track of the numerous comments. You can read more about comments and watch a video on how to insert them here.

Track Changes

On the same right-hand bar you will notice that you can filter by track changes. Similar to filtering by the different types of comments, you can see which track changes have been added by individual party by selecting the party name at the top.

You can then choose to approve individual track changes, or approve all track changes at once. You can read more about this feature and watch a video on inserting and deleting text here.

Editing the Document

At the top of the document there are now three different tabs that you can use to apply changes to the document.


In the 'Home' tab you will find the option to adjust basic aspects of the document such as text font, text size, as well as other highlighting features.


Under the 'Insert' tab you are able to insert tables into the document, as well as links, images, footnotes, and more.


In the 'Review' tab at the top of the document editor you can approve or reject all track changes, hide the comment highlighting (which removes the blue box around paragraphs that have comments attached to them), and save a new version of the document.

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