An article explaining how to add users into your 'side' of the document

Why would I need to add users into my 'side' of the document?

  1. Negotiations on Avvoka are bi-lateral. This means that there are two parties to the Agreement. However, within each party, users can add extra collaborators to make track-changes on the document, comments, or allocate tasks. You may just want to add them so that you have an extra pair of eyes on the document!

How do I add users?

2. As shown in the video below, use the 'Manage Users' button under the Parties subheader to see the list of users currently within your Party.

3. To add new users into the system, click the ‘Manage Users’ button. You can then use the 'Add User' button to add new users into the system.

4. They'll then be invited to the system, and be provided a one-click link to the document via email.

What does this look like in practice?

Hint: Make sure you enable your audio so you can hear our voiceover explanation!

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