E-signature Placeholder

The E-signature Placeholder is used where the document generated from the Template is to be e-signed on Avvoka. Simply place the cursor in the location where the e-signature is to drop into the document and then click the E-signature Placeholder icon.

Clicking the E-signature Placeholder icon will prompt the display of a dialogue box where you can choose which Party to the document will be signing at your chosen location. You only need to put in one signature box per Party, as the system will allow you to choose how many signatories to the document there should be once you generate a document from the Template.

Execution Date

Used in conjunction with the E-signature Placeholder, the Execution Date tool can be used to automatically include the date on which the last e-signature on the document was attached to it. To insert the Execution Date function, select the text with your cursor and click the date icon.

date icon:

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