Creating lists

Avvoka’s “List” functionality enables users to upload lists at a profile-level or organisation-level (depending on what admin rights a user has). This can be used to create “select boxes” as answer options within the Questionnaire.

To create a list, go to “Lists” under Data in Templates, then click on the “Add new list” button and select the location (profile/ organisation) for the list. Adding a list to a profile will enable all users within that profile to access it; they can apply the list to any template within that profile. Adding a list to a specific organisation will enable all users across various profiles under that organisation to use the list for any template.

Take the example of creating a list of countries for the question, “Please provide the country this agreement is created in”. We can create this list either by using the “Add new list” button to add in list values one by one, or by uploading a list of answers from Microsoft Excel using the “Import list” button.

Once you have selected create new list, you can start adding new values. Make sure you select update list once you have added all your values. This feature can also be used to add additional values after uploading a pre-existing list of values from Microsoft Excel (note that only profile admins are able to edit organisation level lists. A profile-level user only can edit the profile-level lists).

Importing a List

To upload a list of values from Microsoft Excel, users can download the example import file. This example import file can be found after clicking the “Import” button.

The example import file is an excel file and has the following fields to be filled out (highlighted in red in the image below):

Name: Add the name of your list here (B1).

Profile name: Add the name of the applicable profile here (B2).

Organisation name: Add the name of the applicable organisation here (B3).

Key: Only applicable for dependent lists, otherwise leave blank for regular lists (A6 and onwards).

Value: Add here all the applicable values (B6 and onwards).

Remember that if you are uploading a regular list, the “Key” column should be left blank, and you should only fill the “Name”, “Profile name”, “Organisation name” and “Value”. You should add under the field “value” (Column B) all the specific values that apply to your list. After creating the relevant list in Microsoft Excel, upload the relevant excel file (the list must be in a Microsoft Excel xlsx format).

After creating the relevant lists, users can select a list by selecting “select list” when creating a question in the Questionnaire. When typing in the name of the select list, the user must type the name of the list that they wish to use. Users can check the existing select lists in the displayed drop-down, search for them by typing them or look for them following the hyperlink below the “Select List” option.

You can read about Dependent Lists here.

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