Avvoka users can also mass generate documents from Excel. Users can download questionnaires in the form of Excel spreadsheets and re-upload these spreadsheets once the questions have been answered in the Excel file.

In the “Create” section of the platform, if you select a template, you then click on the download button and a drop-down box appears.

Through the drop-down box, you can specify whether or not to include the questions, any relevant data and you can request the list to be in rows.

Once you select “Download Excel” the system will generate an Excel sheet like this one:

Column A corresponds to the questions in the questionnaire, whilst column B corresponds to the automation in the template which produced that questionnaire. Column C is where users should input their answers to the questions.

Above, you can see how the answers populated in Column C are in relation to Obligor A (which would be an example of one company entering into the relevant documents). This example also demonstrates how you can include answers for numerous companies by simply filling out more columns with the relevant answers. Were this particular spreadsheet to be uploaded, documents for 3 different Obligors would be generated.

Once you have a completed Excel questionnaire, you can create completed documents from it by uploading it in the “Create” section. Select the template(s) you wish to generate from and click the “Upload” button to upload the relevant file.

Upload button:

Download button:

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