Publishing a template will make the template visible in the Create area, so that users with New document rights can go ahead and start drafting from this template.

First, ensure that the Template is unprivated. This will allow other users on the Profile to have access to the template. This is done by accessing the “Template Details” section via the left sidebar. Then, remove the tick from the “Private” box (and then click “Save”).

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After that, click the "publish" button. Once a document is published, a text box appears prompting the template user to include release notes (see below) for that version of the template. The version number will move to v 1.0 when a template is first published. This will show in the template editor on the top bar, opposite the name of the template.

When a template is published, there is always the option to ‘Unpublish’. Doing this only removes that document from the Create area, preventing create users from accessing that template.

Template users can access different versions of the template, whether saved or published, in the ‘History’ area.

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