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Connecting Avvoka and iManage Work (Organisation-Level)
Connecting Avvoka and iManage Work (Organisation-Level)
This article describes how to connect Avvoka and iManage Work for your organisation
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This article assumes that you are configuring a cloud version of Avvoka with a cloud version of iManage Work, and that your iManage Work server version is 10.2 or higher. If you have an on-premise version of iManage Work with a publicly available URL, you will also be able to configure your iManage Work account with Avvoka using this guide. If not, you will likely need to set up a separate server with Avvoka so that we can connect through your VPN.

You must also be an organisation level administrator to configure iManage Work for your organisation.

Organisation Authentication

The first step to connecting your Avvoka and iManage Work accounts is for an organisation support user to enable the iManage Work integration for the organisation

  1. In order to do so, navigate to Support > Organisations > {Your Organisation} > Third-Party Integrations > iManage Work Settings

2. Click “Expand” to view the iManage Work settings:

  1. Active: Tick this box to indicate that the integration is active

  2. Host: The url of your iManage work instance, after the https://

3. Then click the “Save” button

4. After you authenticate a user, you will be able to test the integration from this page as well

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