This operation will take an inputted number and output the number in words, such as in the screenshot below. For example, 554 will be outputted as five hundred fifty-four as in the example below.

For added help feel free to watch this video:

  1. To start off, navigate to the Operations tab in your template. To start off, navigate to the Operations tab in your template. Then, click the blue + button.

2. A pop up menu will appear on the right. Rename your operation to your desired name and click "Rename operation".

3. To create the operation, click the "Add" button and select In Words under Localisation, so that In Words is in the top band.

4. Then, click the "Add" button again and choose the attribute where the operation will pull the information from (e.g. NUMBER OF APPLES). In the drop down list for the attribute, you can either select an existing attribute or you can create a wholly new attribute.

5. Finally, the number can be localised for different countries, e.g. from the US all the way to China. This is inputted by selecting the text input and typing in the relevant locale code.

6. After this, navigate back to the "Document" tab. Navigate to the Automation tab on the blue bar on the top and click the Operations icon. Select the relevant operation and click insert.

7. Your operation should now work! Click on the "Live Demo" to test it out by answering the relevant question.

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