This operation takes an inputted short date format and returns the date in a longer format. For example, the date would normally be outputted in a short date format as 20/10/2021. In a long date format, the date will be outputted as 20 October 2021.

For added help feel free to watch this video:

  1. To start off, navigate to the Operations tab in your template. Then, click the blue + button.

2. A pop up menu will appear on the right. Rename your operation to your desired name and click "Rename operation".

3. After you have done so, click the "Add" button and select the term "Long Date".

4. Then, click the word "Add" again, and select the term "Attribute".

5. In the drop down list, you can either select an existing date attribute that you wish to convert to a long date. Or, you can create a wholly new attribute that you wish to convert to a long date. Skip this next two bullet points if you already have an existing date attribute.

  • To create a wholly new attribute, type in the desired name of your attribute. In this case, we will name it "Date of execution" and click +. This will create a new attribute titled "Date of execution".

  • After that, navigate to the questionnaire tab and then navigate to the relevant attribute. Click the drop down list on the top right of the attribute and change the question type to "Date".

6. After this, navigate back to the "Document" tab. Navigate to the Automation tab on the blue bar on the top and click the Operations icon. Select the relevant operation and click insert.

7. Your operation should now work! Click on the "Live Demo" to test it out by answering the relevant date question.

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