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Integrating with Avvoka
Connecting Avvoka and Slack
Connecting Avvoka and Slack

Connect your Slack account with Avvoka to start receiving notifications about your contracts instantly

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Avvoka's new and improved integration Webhooks make it easy to integrate with your Slack account. This means you can receive custom notifications after a variety of different events to the Slack channel of your choosing.

Please note that you need to be an organisation level support user to use Avvoka Webhooks.

This article will walk you through how to set this up.

Slack Setup

First you need to configure the integration from Slack:

  1. Get started by creating a Slack app or logging in to your existing one

  2. Enable incoming Webhooks from your app's management dashboard

  3. Create an incoming Webhook by selecting "Add new Webhook to Workspace" and the channel that you'd like the notifications to go to

  4. Copy the brand new Webhook URL that was generated by Slack

Read the full Slack tutorial here for more information.

Avvoka Setup

Now you can login to Avvoka as an organisation level support user:

1. You can access the Webhooks tab under Support > Webhooks

2. Press the "+" button to create a new Webhook

3. On this page you can name your Webhook, select which organisation it is applied to, and also whether it's active and triggered by all events

4. Once you save and create your new Webhook, the page will refresh and you can use the Webhook URL you copied from Slack earlier and select it as the Target

5. Make sure you update the Payload type to be "Slack" and create your new Webhook Target

6. You now have the option to limit the Slack notification to only appear on certain events (for example, where a document is Signed) and limit it further to specific templates

Start Receiving your Slack Notifications!

Now that you've linked Avvoka and Slack you can start receiving your Slack notifications in your selected channel:

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