Why would I need to Compare versions?

All versions of an Agreement on Avvoka are tracked - new versions are created when documents are published during a negotiation, or when a user 'Hard Saves', using the floppy disk icon.

Version Comparisons are useful to see what changes were made in different versions of a document, whether it was the version that was published to the Counterparty, or if it was the version that came back from them.

Once changes are accepted, it's also a useful tool to see what changes were made, and if needed, previous versions can be restored by clicking on them.

To run a comparison of an older version of the document with the current version you are working on, you will have to always save it beforehand using the floppy disk icon, since you will only be able to select saved versions to compare. When you send a document to the other side, a new version is automatically saved.

You will now be able to see the two different versions side by side on your screen. The current document you are working on will keep being displayed on the left-hand side of your screen. Another document will open on the right hand that will show you a redline or comparison comparing the versions you selected. You will see a red banner saying “Comparing vX to vX”. This comparison document will have all the changes between the selected versions in track changes, so you can easily see what has changed between the selected versions.

What does this look like in practice?

Hint: Make sure you enable your audio so you can hear our voiceover explanation!

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