Analytics tab:

Avvoka has a data analytics feature which allows users to track how the platform is being used by fellow users (colleagues) within a Profile.

The Profile Admin user will have access to data relating to all users of that Profile. Non-admin users will only be able to view data relating to their specific documents.

Clicking the Data Analytics button will provide access to a set of tools which allow users to see how Avvoka is being used.

The “Usage” section allows users to track specific user activity and the popularity of certain documents.

As the image demonstrates, you can see how many documents are created on certain days within a set period of time. Further, it shows how you can specify which templates or which users you would like to analyze.

Users will be able to download this data as an Excel file.

The “Documents” section provides access to data relating to specific templates and the frequency with which they are used. Again, users can specify which templates and which users you would like to analyse.

The “Time” section similarly provides data regarding how much time specific users spend on the platform or how much time is spent using specific templates.

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