In Avvoka there are a series of Profile-wide settings that can be applied to the Templates. These are accessible in the sidebar under “Customisations” in the Templates tab.

Headers & footers 

To insert headers and footers into a template, click on “Headers&Footers” on the Templates page. Avvoka allows users to create a custom header and footer style that can be inserted into various templates. Clicking on the “+” button. In there users are able to edit the header or footers, enabling them to create the relevant header/footer style.

To insert the style of the header and footer that you have saved into a template, you will need to navigate to the relevant template and, on the side-bar, you can click on the “Advanced Settings” icon and in the “Document format settings” select the relevant “Header and footers template” from the dropdown menu.

"Advanced settings" icon:

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